Large format sheets

Handling large sheets, plates

We developed the Kerberos P robot to handle large sheets of any material. This application includes an easily adaptable electric gripper, an industrial robot that has a user friendly interface and a safety equipment that could be a light curtain, an area scanner or a safety fence.

The Kerberos P robots are able to stack corrugated sheets, PVC sheets or closed-cell polycarbonate sheets on pallets or other containers non-stop, all day long.

Higher utilisation



KUKA KR140 R3200-2 PA

  • maximum reach 3195 mm
  • load capacity 140 kg
  • position repetition accuracy (ISO 9283): ± 0.07 mm
  • number of axes: 5
  • installation surface 754 mm x 754 mm
  • weight approx. 1017 kg

  • several sizes
  • you can set how many sheets to be picked up
  • one robot can have several types of grippers
  • Suitable for 10 kg
  • 40 Nm/sec speed of movement
  • easily interchangeable fingertips
  • fully electric, so no external air supply is required

The Kerberos F can communicate with the machine via a digital link and detect knocked-out pieces to always pick up exactly as many sheets as you need. An optical sensor allows the detection of the sheets. This means that the robot picks up the quantity set on the display and places it on a pallet. The optical sensor makes it easy to connect to any machine.

Kerberos F is placed on a table that is easy to move and can be precisely fixed, allowing the robot to be connected to other machines.

We hand over the robot with software and a display that allows you to easily teach a new task!

The robot is pre-programmed for the basic task, but the customer can easily change the program parameters in the ready-to-use operator interface. The cobot is easy to program and can be easily trained for other tasks.

During the individual safety risk analysis, we take into account the shape of the gripper, the speed of the robot and the working environment. After that, we choose safety devices so that the robot cannot cause injury.

We add a safety certificate to the robot cell.

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