Gluing applications in the printing industry

Gluing applications in the printing industry

A common task in the printing industry is the gluing of notepads in large numbers. This is a big burden on the operator, because of the monotony of the work. With Kerberos G, the operator can monitor several machines at the same time, and the machine service is fully handled by the robot. This solution can be flexibly adapted to the customer’s request. In the future, you can move the robot to a different location and reprogram it for a different task by mounting a different gripper on it.

The Kerberos G robots can stick notepads, notebooks, point collectors, even all day, non-stop. The glued blocks can be placed either in a thin paper box or in a container. You can also place these paper boxes in another cardboard box and then place the finished boxes on a pallet.

Higher utilisation



The light weight, compact size and high performance allow you to build a precise and fast robot cell.

Hungary has an excellent service network of industrial SCARA robot manufacturers.

  • several sizes
  • 3 kg payload
  • 4 Nm/sec speed

The Kerberos GF can communicate with the folding machine or other dispensers via a digital link to ensure that it always picks up exactly the right amount of paper sheets.

The Kerberos GF is placed in an easily movable and precisely fixed closed cell on a table.

The robot is pre-programmed for the basic task, but the customer can easily change the program parameters in the ready-to-use operator interface.

During the individual safety risk analysis, we take into account the shape of the gripper, the speed of the robot and the working environment. After that, we choose safety devices so that the robot cannot cause injury. In this case, we propose a closed cell for the application.

We add a safety certificate to the robot cell.

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