Machine tending

Old or new machine? We can help you to automate the machine tending tasks.

Whether modern CNC machines, milling machines, special test equipment or engraving machines, in most cases we can quickly find a solution to automate your machine tending processes.

Higher utilisation



Together with you, we choose the robot that best fits the task.

  • Collaborative UR10 when the space is tight and easy transferability is important
  • KUKA KR Cybertech robot if large loads need to be packed quickly
Custom designed or off-the-shelf OnRobot grippers
  • For two workpieces at a time, for quick replacement
  • Vacuum, magnetic, parallel or concentric grippers
  • Easily or even automatically replaceable grippers for different pieces

We design a tray or feeding system for the workpieces individually – depending on how long the robot has to work on its own.

Main options:

  • trays
  • bowl feeder
  • conveyor belts

Custom or off-the-shelf metal pedestal that best fits the application.

It is usually possible to exchange more complex messages between the machine and the robot – this may require access to the machine’s protected setup section on the CNC machines. Through simple analog or digital I/Os, we can integrate the robot with machines that are up to 100 years old.

We hand over the robot with software and a display that allows you to easily teach a new task!

During the individual safety risk analysis, we take into account the weight of the pieces treated, the speed of the robot, and the design of the devices. After that, we choose safety devices so that the robot cannot cause injury.

We add a safety certificate to the robot cell.

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