Vulcan Palletizer Kit

Automated palletizing has never been easier!

We use easy-to-configure, universal components for the Vulcan Palletiser Kit, so we can deliver a really effective palletizing solution to you quickly at an affordable price.


Together with you, we choose the robot that best fits the task.

  • Collaborative UR10 when the space is tight and easy transferability is important
  • KUKA KR Cybertech robot if large loads need to be packed quickly

Depending on the application, we choose a gripper:

  • Should the robot handle slip sheets as well?
  • How porous is the box?
  • How big is the box?
  • Need to handle multiple types of boxes?

Depending on the robot you choose and the height of the pallet, you may need a robot lift to ensure that the robot reaches every box.

The metal frame ensures that the pallets are always in the correct position. Thanks to the built-in sensors, the robot detects when the pallet is not in place.

We hand over the robot with software and a display that allows you to easily program a new pallet pattern!

During the individual safety risk analysis, we take into account the weight of the pieces handled, the speed of the robot, and the design of the devices. After that, we choose safety devices so that the robot cannot cause injury.

We add a safety certificate to the robot cell.

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