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CNC machine tending

Good machine tending robots increase efficiency even when the parts vary. Using them reduces cycle times and increases efficiency.


Packing and palletizing

It’s getting harder to find people to pack and palletize products of different sizes, weights, and cycle times.



By automating assembly operations with robots, you can increase the speed and quality of production. Be it mounting, insertion, positioning or screwing.

Machine tending

You can choose an industrial or collaborative robot to automate machine service. Depending on the product, the robot arm can be equipped with a two-finger, three-finger or a vacuum gripper. To reduce cycle time, dual setup is recommended to perform two tasks with the same robot or add to add two products at a time.

Packing and palletizing

Taking the product, cycle time and pallet stability into account, we select the best solution for palletizing. The grippers of industrial robots may be suitable for gripping and moving the pallet and the intermediate sheet, so there is no need to purchase separate feeders. We can also help with the integration of additional products, such as sensors and lifts, so we undertake the integration of the entire system.


Manufacturers are looking for solutions that can increase the efficiency of the assembly line. To achieve a greater degree of automation, innovative automation solutions must be used in which the humans and the robots share the workspace as narrowly as possible.